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Monthly NYMEX Gas Prices

Alvin W. Vogtle Returns

The Ballad of the Green Brigade

The Utility CEO's Speech to Employees

The Commoditization of Electricity

Despair and Disgust at the Georgia Public Service Commission

The Evolution of Electricity Rates

Green Lies and Scams

King of the Game

The LEED Racket

Consolidated Utilities Company Annual Report Management's Letter to Stockholders

The Nuclear Industry's Open Bar Tab at the State Regulators Saloon

Political Verses Market Efficiency

The Politics of Electricity Use

The Politics of Natural Gas Use

The Politics of the Nation's Next Nuclear Plant

Utility Regulation: The Rate Case

Reforming State Utility Regulation

The Regulated Utility Industry Has Too Many Revenue Guarantees

The Regulatory Formula & The Alternative

The Shale Gas Paradigm

The Solar Elephant

Sustainable Fear

The Inscription from the Tomb of the Unknown Ratepayer

The Weekly Meeting of the Governmental Affairs Department of a Large Regulated Utility